This is one of the most publicly well known and recognisable Dinosaurs, alongside other such famous Dinosaurs
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such asTyrannosaurus and Triceratops. Stegosaurus came in 3 species, and these ranged in size, from 6 metres in length to the largest, being over 12 metres in length. At the maximum range, Stegosaurus weighed between 5-7 tonnes. Having a distinctive dual row of keratinous plates - running all over the caudal, dorsal and cervical sections of the vertebrae - Stegosaurus is immediately recognisable. However, many mistake various, less famous, relatives of Stegosaurus, to be Stegosaurus simply due to these plates. In fairness, Stegosaurus is the namesake of the family of Stegosauridae, but it is still incorrect to generalise various relatives of Stegosaurus as just Stegosaurus. Standing at over 3-4 metres at the shoulder, and with the largest plates being over a metre long, Stegosaurus would have been an imposing Dinosaur in life, and indeed is clearly an impressive species from what we may observe in the skeletal remains. Stegosaurus was a herbivorous Dinosaur, suited to browsing on low vegetation and possibly being - though this is a source of debate - able to rear up on its hind limbs, to consume moderately high vegetation (low branches, tall bushes and tree fern or cycad stands) Equipped with a tough beak, this Dinosaur could deal with virtually any Jurassic vegetation within reach.


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