• Geological time scale mini
    Precambrian Super Eon
    • Hadean Eon
    • Archaean Eon
    • Proterozoic Eon
  • Phanerozoic Eon
    • Palaeozoic Era
    • Cambrian Period
    • Ordovician Period
    • Silurian Period
    • Devonian Period
    • Carboniferous Period
    • Permian Period

  • Mesozoic Era
    • Triassic Period
    • Jurassic Period
    • Cretaceous Period
  • Cenozoic Era
  • Tertiary/Palaeogene Period

  • Palaeocene Epoch
  • Eocene Epoch
  • Quaternary/Neogene Period
    • Oligocene Epoch
    • Miocene Epoch
    • Pliocene Epoch
    • Pleistocene Epoch
    • Holocene Epoch

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