Diplodocus is one of the most recognisable and well known Dinosaurs, especially within its own Sauropod family. Diplodocus lived during the Late Jurassic Period of North America, ranging from Colorado to Utah, and likely thrived throughout the entire Morrison Formation as it was as when forming, and likely was to be found anywhere in North America. These were huge animals, and along with Apatosaurus (formerly Brontosaurus) and Brachiosaurus, as well as Camarasaurus and others, were prolific herbivores, doubtlessly consuming huge quantities of plant material. These Sauropods also gave Palaeontology evidence that Dinosaurs truly could attain immense sizes, and Diplodocus is a good example of this. Thought to have reached a maximum length of 27-30 metres (80-90 feet) more recent research has suggested that in fact, other larger Sauropod species such as Superasaurus, given their own scientific names, may actually just be very large, old Diplodocus individuals. Baring this in mind, it could be said that the very largest and most mature Diplodocus individuals may have reached a length of over 45 metres (155 feet) and weighed in at 25-35 tonnes, being 5-6 metres at the shoulder. Even being so massive, clearly, the weight of Diplodocus could be seen as rather less than the height combined with length would suggest it would be. The reason for the relatively light 25-35 tonnes (some sources even claim as little as 10-15 tonnes) is a simple one; the animal is an elegant form of Sauropod which is just slender in form. T

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