Coelophysis rhodesiensis
The Dinosaurs are truly the most famous icons of Prehistory altogether, and unless a large number of people learn the full story of Prehistory, then they will still ignorantly assume that Dinosaurs were the first animals ever, that Dinosaurs even lived alongside early man! (the first Hominids evolved 4 million years ago, and Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago - and Homo Sapiens certainly didn’t hunt Dinosaurs!) Dinosaurs deserve the majority of their fame, though more often than not, they completely overshadow the other, though maybe not as massive, but as equally as fascinating, Prehistoric Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Fish, other Reptiles and indeed Invertebrates. DINOSAURS – The ‘Terrible Lizards’ of the Mesozoic World, the largest land animals ever, and in fact, one genus of the many species of Dinosaurs (about 700 known so far) were even larger than the Blue Whale.