Carcharadontosaurus was a large predatory dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of North Africa. Its very name, means, 'Shark Toothed Lizard' after the shape and serrations of the teeth that lined its massive jaws. Evidently carnivorous, this huge predator would have probably stalked herds of herbivorous Dinosaurs, such as Ouranosaurus, across the plains and migratory routes of the area. At an impressive 13-14 metres, this Carcharodontidae Theropod of the family of Allosauridae, and a likely 3.5-4.5 tonnes, this was a major predatory species across its range and its existence. The only other predator it may have feared, was Spinosaurus Aegypticus, though the size and dietary behaviour of that huge predator are in question. These two would most certainly have crossed paths, at one point or other, as they lived in the same place, at the same time.